About Ovanti

Ovanti is a game-changer in Southeast Asia's digital commerce scene, focused on innovation and smooth financial transactions. Our fintech solutions serve institutional clients, ensuring secure customer authentication and facilitating banking, purchases, and payments.

Proprietary Platform:

Ovanti's cutting-edge platform empowers large customer communities by extending IT applications to mobile devices. We serve leading banks, insurers, telcos, and corporates in Malaysia and Indonesia through specialized divisions for Mobile Banking, Digital Payments, and Digital Services.

Mission & Vision of Ovanti:


To accelerate digital transformation by creating unparalleled value and opportunities in the business and economic ecosystem.


To champion the development of the mobile ecosystem, delivering a diverse range of products and services to meet the dynamic needs of B2B and B2C businesses.


Balance - Prioritizing performance and work-life balance.

Collaboration - Creating value through partnerships.

Diversity & Differentiation - Celebrating diversity and quality.

Inclusion - Celebrating diversity and quality.

Forward Thinking - Investing in people, partnerships, and innovation.

Our Objective

Ovanti aims to be a top digital transaction processor in Southeast Asia's cashless economies. We connect financial institutions, telecoms, and businesses with online and point-of-sale customers, handling millions of interactions monthly.

Dedicated to advancing digital commerce, we drive economic development and pioneer transformative solutions for businesses and consumers.