Mobility Solutions


Ovanti's Mobility Solutions, including the renowned SMS messaging platform Mobility2U, are designed to revolutionize digital communication, driving sales, sustainability, and growth. With a mobile penetration rate of 144.8%, we recognize the crucial role that mobile facilities play in shaping people's lives.

Innovative Tools for Business Growth:

At Ovanti, we're dedicated to innovation, making it easy for businesses to reach customers, operate efficiently, and expand markets cost-effectively. Our platform, Mobility2U, excels in SMS messaging and email marketing, empowering marketers to build lasting connections in today's digital world.

Web SMS Broadcast:

Use Ovanti's Web SMS Broadcast to reach your audience easily. It's flexible, affordable, and doesn't require coding skills. Whether for promotions, updates, or reminders, our platform simplifies communication. It supports SMS in multiple languages, offering a personalized experience to thousands in one broadcast.

Top 8 advantages of Ovanti’s Web SMS Broadcast:

● No need for extra software or hardware.

● User-friendly, no coding skills needed.

● Send promotions, notices, or business messages directly to mobile phones.

● Control costs with credit deduction.

● Automatic retry ensures message delivery.

● Supports multiple languages.

● Works with Malaysian and international numbers.

● Fast, safe, and reliable.

Bulk API:

Maximize SMS marketing with Ovanti’s Bulk API. It lets you connect directly to our gateway, sending targeted SMS messages through your platform, system, or app. Our flexible Bulk API seamlessly integrates into different systems, offering specific routing, asynchronous processing, and robust audit trail features. Upgrade your messaging strategy with Ovanti's powerful connectivity.

Technical features of Ovanti’s Bulk API:


● Route based on telco value.

● Schedule messages and process asynchronously.

● Track with Audit Trail and online reports.

● Follow BNM GPIS1 guidelines.

Managed Service Blasting:

Grow effortlessly with Ovanti’s Managed Service Blasting—an automated marketing solution. Share your content and contacts, and we'll craft professional emails for you. Enjoy timely delivery, spam prevention, and lower bounce rates for effective marketing.

Advantages of Ovanti’s Managed Service Blasting:

● Outsourcing team for simple tasks.

● Automated marketing for efficiency.

● Affordable pricing with high efficiency.

● Automated customer responses.

● Prevents emails from going to spam.

● Timed delivery for optimal reach.

● Detailed analytics reports.

2-Way SMS:

Elevate customer interactions with Ovanti’s 2-Way SMS. Facilitate interactive marketing, contests, surveys, and instant text message replies. Our 2-Way SMS supports rich media deliveries, ensuring a low-cost, high ROI, and a more personalized customer experience. Engage your audience in a way that goes beyond communication – make it a dialogue with Ovanti’s 2-Way SMS.

Technical features of Ovanti’s 2-Way SMS:

● Rich media messages.

● High ROI at low cost.

● Personalized customer experience.

● Active engagement.

● Closer business-customer bond.

● Direct two-way communication.

● Customized content.

● Detailed analytics reports.

Secure Transaction Messaging:

Our platform features advanced transaction messaging technology used by leading banks, telcos, and major brands in Malaysia and Indonesia. It combines high performance, scalability, and top-notch security for seamless mobile messaging.


Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS):

Ovanti's MBaaS allows enterprises to securely integrate mobile app data and functionality into backend and cloud storage. This streamlined solution speeds up the development of multi-platform, enterprise-grade apps. It offers services like mobile data management, push notifications, application security, and more.

At Ovanti, we help businesses grow by listening to customers and using digital tech. Explore growth opportunities with Ovanti's Mobility Solutions.